Retekess T119 Pager Restaurant With 30 Pager Receivers Wireless Calling System Restaurant Equipment Waiter Calling System

Retekess T119 Pager Restaurant With 30 Pager Receivers Wireless Calling System Restaurant Equipment Waiter Calling System

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1、 The queue wireless calling system set consists of one 999-channel call button keypad and 10pcs wireless pagers. It adopts RF wireless technology with millions of different learning codes, can easily pair up to 999 channels of pagers.

2、Slim design, smaller and light----Only half the size of your palm, and very light,Size:71*68*13mm / 2.8*2.7*0.5 in;weight:42g

3、One charger base can charge up to 10 coaster pagers at the same time--- It save a lot of spaces to charge the pagers, also each pager comes with the charging port, each one can be charged separately.

4、In an open place, the distance can reach 200-300 meters, but the distance is affected by the environment

5、vibration+LED flashes, buzzer+LED flashes, vibration+buzzer+LED flashes;The MODE button could be found easily on the coaster pager, use a pinpoint tool short presss it, then the reminder modes could be changed among the 3 different modes.

6、Larger battery capacity----Built-in 400mAh lithium battery,Its battery is more durable than other products

7、Has power button, can power off each pager directly; When charging, press and hold the 9 button of the keyboard to turn off all the pagers

8.Designed with magnets to better fit together when charging , it is one of T119's unique designs.

9、(1)There are two ways to cancel: the first is the cancellation button for the guest to press the coaster pager, and the second is for the seller to press the cancel button on the keyboard.

(2)Press the【S】button to save the number which on the screen,but only save one. Press【 up】to you can view the ID record you have called.

(3)If you want to find the pager but they are in charging, please call the number and you can see the pager red LED light flashing.

10、Its material is made of high quality PC material to prevent a certain degree of fall.


Coaster Pager


71*68*13mm / 2.8*2.7*0.5 in

Net weight



high quality PC



Screen display number


Power supply

Built-in 400mAh lithium battery

Charging period

3 hours

3 Prompt mode

Vibration / Buzzer / Vibration+Buzzer

Keypad Transmitter


153*113*53mm / 6*4.5*2.1 in



Key life

Million and above

Working current

Standby current



Power supply

DC 5V 1A

Package Include

Package Includes: 30 x Coaster Pager 1 x Keypad Transmitter 3 x Charger Base 3 x Power Plug for Charger Base 1 x Plug for Keypad Transmitter 1 x English User Manual


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  • Stravovací zařízení: Restaurace Volání Systému
  • Dráha Pager displej počet: 001-999
  • Značka: retekess
  • Frekvence: 433,92 MHZ
  • Certifikace: FCC
  • Dráha Pager Řádku režimy: Flash, Zvonek, Vibrace volitelné
  • Původ: KN(Původu)
  • Volat Pager systém: Bezdrátový Pager
  • Dráha Pager Materiál: Vysoce Kvalitní PC
  • Restaurace Pager: Bezdrátové Stránkovacího Systému Front
  • Číslo Modelu: T119
  • Bezdrátový systém volání: Volání Bell
  • Dráha Pager Napájení: vestavěný 3.7 V lithium baterie